Statement of The City Series
The city scene painting is a way to express my opinions, is a carrier for my spirits, and is a tool to show my thinking and philosophy. Realism painting is much better to express the abstract thinking and profound philosophy. In my paintings, I turn the space of human life into the space of think, into the space of soul, into the expression of inner spirit The appearance of modern civilization is full of colors, actions and movements, it is realistic, but I see a natural, eternal and indescribable world deep inside. Facing all kinds of architectures and buildings, I am experiencing the deposit of time in all kinds of disorder throughout modern life and paying more attention to the development and evolution of the culture of human beings and the subsistence space. My city series are right the expression of my spirits. In my paintings, what I yearn for is a kind of solidification, something eternal. I use architectures and buildings as vehicle, simplified colors, solid shapes and non-movement moment as medium to paint the big modern city life. I regard the fundamental as the essence, regard things as coarse, regard accumulation as deficiency, in one word, returning to original simplicity and purity.