Liang Guo was born in the northeast of China. He immigrated to the United States in 1995 and has been working as a professional artist ever since. Liang Guo had his art education in China. He attended Lusun Academy of Fine Arts, one of the oldest and the most prestigious art colleges in China. Under the strict training of the nation's top artists and professors, he has built up strong ability of painting in realist style and grasped the essential of European classical oil painting material and techniques. He combines the western oil painting techniques and skills with the oriental philosophy and psychology in his art works and forms his unique style. Liang Guo has had many solo and group Exhibitions in the US, France, Japan, Singapore and China. He has won awards in both the US and in China, such as The APPLE Medal of Honor Plus, Award of Juror's Choice for American Landscape and Award of Best of the Show in Holter Museum of Art. In 1996, TV Channel 56 Boston, Massachusetts interviewed him and his art works were introduced to the audience as well. Articles about his art have been published in the magazines DIRECT ART and STYLE, and the newspapers WORLD JOURNAL, SAMPAN and SINTAO DAILY, etc. Liang Guo is a member of American Artist Professional League. Liang Guo's oil paintings have been collected in the US, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and China.